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  1. Enhance the Game data  ·  declined

  2. game fee data in excel export  ·  completed

  3. allow importing of data for Custom Profile Fields  ·  gathering community support

  4. Update availability automatically based on your Google Calendar  ·  declined

  5. TBA Response Icon Feature  ·  completed

  6. Would like the rankings to be a factor in games where the officials have out it for a TBA.  ·  completed

  7. The user generated TBA has the same data as Assignor's TBA. (Date/Time/Arena)  ·  completed

  8. Remove Assigned Users from TBA Response Counter  ·  completed

  9. Automatically give a TBA to first response  ·  gathering community support

  10. Only Allow Team Personnel To Select Certain Dropdowns Values When Entering/Editing Their Games  ·  completed

  11. Customize Evaluation Form  ·  deferred

  12. Dynamically Generate/Maintain Contact Groups based on Custom Fields  ·  deferred

  13. Need the Ability to Create Lists other then Members  ·  gathering community support

  14. See date TBA Response was submitted  ·  gathering community support

  15. adds a comment to the response to a TBA notice.  ·  gathering community support

  16. View history of Game Requests as well as History of Responses (Accept & Decline)  ·  gathering community support

  17. Export Invoice to Excel  ·  planned

  18. A column on the members page of reffing level & yrs of experience.  ·  completed

  19. Decline/Turnback Data  ·  declined

  20. allows you to create a meeting without the need to create a new field location (either freeform or a separate list)  ·  completed

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