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  1. "No positions created yet"

  2. 403 Not Allowed Error

  3. Account Usage Policy

  4. Account Verification

  5. After I have accepted a game how do I give it back?

  6. AOL blocking emails from Horizon...

  7. API Changelog

  8. Are cancelled games deleted from the system?

  9. Availability Calendars for multiple organizations

  10. Availability System

  11. Available Add-On Services

  12. Bank Verification Trouble

  13. Bell blocking emails from Horizon...

  14. Can 2 officials share one email address?

  15. Can a Contact Group be edited to add or remove individuals?

  16. Can a user be both an official and a coach?

  17. Can assigner accept games for the official?

  18. Can I access usernames and passwords for our member officials?

  19. Can I create groups of users for emailing or scheduling?

  20. Can I force officials to accept games within a few days?

  21. Can I reset the game counters?

  22. Can I un-decline a game and change my response to "accepted" ?

  23. Can my assignor see games I have in another organization?

  24. Can officials just self assign themselves and choose their own games?

  25. Can the availability calendar be edited once it is set?

  26. Can you export an invoice into an excel spreadsheet?

  27. Cancel Games in Bulk

  28. Change Email Address

  29. Changelog

  30. Changing Personal Information

  31. Credit / Debit Cards

  32. Diagram of leagues, game codes and positions...

  33. Differences with the new Horizon Payment Center (October 2018)

  34. Dwolla Discontinued? No.

  35. Email is undeliverable for registration

  36. Emailing Overview

  37. Emails blocked by

  38. Emails Stopped. What do I do?

  39. Erase / Remove users from your system.

  40. Evaluation & Ratings Systems

  41. Example PHP Request

  42. Exporting your schedule to Outlook, Yahoo and other external calendar programs

  43. Extended Archiving Add-On

  44. For my new assignment, I only see an "Accept" icon. There is no "Decline" icon. How do I decline a game?

  45. Game Linking System

  46. Getting Started with Sports Engine Integration

  47. Handling Webhooks...

  48. How can a coach or athletic director add games?

  49. How can a supervisor view all assignments?

  50. How can I add someone into my organization who already has an account from another organization?

  51. How can I change the hours of availability after a game is already accepted on that date?

  52. How can I edit my System Settings?

  53. How can I rank officials according to seniority?

  54. How do I accept a game assignment?

  55. How do I Accept or Decline games on my schedule?

  56. How do I add another administrator?

  57. How do I add officials to my system if they don't use the internet?

  58. How do I add users?

  59. How do I assign an official AFTER a game has been completed?

  60. How do I change my username or password?

  61. How do I change the "current season" ?

  62. How do I change the default game start time?

  63. How do I change the default schedule filter?

  64. How do I change what time text messages are sent?

  65. How do I charge a scheduling fee?

  66. How do I contact Horizon?

  67. How do I decline a game?

  68. How do I enter my birthday if I'm younger than 13 years old?

  69. How do I find the partner I will be working with?

  70. How do I get an access token?

  71. How do I get edit a game report I submitted?

  72. How do I get notifications for my child's games?

  73. How do I get the next page of results from my request?

  74. How do I have 2 accounts merged?

  75. How do I increase the number of maximum licenses?

  76. How do I input incidental expenses, travel and meal allowance?

  77. How do I know what my username and password is?

  78. How do I modify or change information for a game?

  79. How do I purchase a subscription?

  80. How do I remove an official from my organization?

  81. How do I see who is available when assigning games?

  82. How do I send an email to a contact group?

  83. How do I set preferences for locations or age groups I want to work?

  84. How do I turn back an accepted game?

  85. How do I turn on mileage calculation to be shown when assigning games?

  86. How do I uncancel a game?

  87. How do I withdraw my balance?

  88. How do you file game reports?

  89. How does a coach or athletic director (AD) change their team affiliation?

  90. How does Auto-Assign work?

  91. How far out can we get the availability calendar?

  92. How I can add our organization logo?

  93. How long will my game info be retained in the system?

  94. How to Add & Verify a Bank Account

  95. How to cancel individual games

  96. How to choose a safe password

  97. How to create a Sender account

  98. How to give away a game to another official...

  99. How to handle rain outs

  100. How to Import Multiple Contacts into Outlook 2013 From a Single vCard File

  101. How to make a cancelled game billable (or payable)?

  102. How to perform instant bank verification

  103. How to perform micro-deposit verification

  104. How to reschedule a cancelled game

  105. How to reset your username/password

  106. How to setup experience-based pay structures

  107. How to setup qualifications and restrictions for assigning officials

  108. How to subscribe to iCalendar on iPhone / iPad ?

  109. How to swap your primary & secondary email address

  110. How to whitelist our emails...

  111. I can't see the Human Verification box?

  112. I declined an assignment inadvertently, how can I change it to accept?

  113. I have been locked out, what do I do?

  114. I received a failed login attempt notification, what do I do?

  115. I received micro-deposits but there is no submit option

  116. I selected the wrong team affiliation, how can I correct that?

  117. If an organization has more than one assignor who receives the Declines or Turnback notificiations?

  118. If I am a member of multiple organizations do I need multiple usernames/passwords?

  119. If the user doesn't their receive initial welcome email, is there a way to resend?

  120. Importing Assignments

  121. Importing Games from Sports Engine

  122. Importing Games via Spreadsheet

  123. Is it possible to export to excel a list of mileage for each official by location?

  124. Is it possible to have 2+ individuals set up with administrator permissions?

  125. Is there a way as a scheduler that I can mark a game as "accepted" for an official?

  126. Is there a way I can identify that two officials can't be assigned to work on the same game together?

  127. Is there a way to run a report of number of turnbacks?

  128. Is there a way to tell me how far a location is from an officials home?

  129. Is there any way to restrict what games an official can be assigned to based on the official's age?

  130. Mass Edit & Update Game Information in Bulk

  131. Micro-Deposits Failed Attempts

  132. My availability calendar is set, but my scheduler still sees me as unavailable?

  133. My mobile carrier isn't supported, what do I do?

  134. Network Solutions blocking emails from Horizon....

  135. Notifications

  136. Outbound Sending Limits

  137. Payment Center Pricing

  138. Receiving email to Hotmail or Outlook accounts...

  139. Registration Instructions

  140. Restricting Game Levels to members of Contact Groups

  141. Saving an Excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx) as a CSV file

  142. Setting Up Sports Engine Integration

  143. Shaw blocking emails from Horizon...

  144. Someone from my organization deleted me, what do I do?

  145. System Status

  146. Telus blocking emails from Horizon...

  147. The "Remember Me" feature...

  148. Tracfone / Straight Talk Text Messaging

  149. Update your availability after being assigned on a date

  150. User Permissions Explained

  151. What are "business days" ?

  152. What are Game Codes?

  153. What are Leagues?

  154. What are Locations?

  155. What are Official Positions?

  156. What are schedule filters?

  157. What are Teams?

  158. What are the steps to turn back a game?

  159. What Does ##### Mean in Excel?

  160. What does the "Assignment Reminder" email notification look like?

  161. What does the "Assignment Today" email notification look like?

  162. What does the activation reminder email look like?

  163. What does the Game Confirmation email look like?

  164. What email reminders are sent and when?

  165. What is Availability Locking?

  166. What is the payment's Estimated Arrival date?

  167. What is the TBA System?

  168. What mobile carriers do you support for free text messaging?

  169. What scopes are available?

  170. What time of day are email reminders sent?

  171. What web browsers can I use?

  172. When are officials no longer available for more assignments on the same day?

  173. When I put my availability on the calendar, how do I save?

  174. Where do I get an invoice and be able to print it out as well?

  175. Where do I go to make the renewal payment for my organization?

  176. Who is able to send "Message from the Administrator"?

  177. Who receives Game Day email notifications?

  178. Why do all emails I receive say they are from (insert name) ?

  179. Why do I need to login to my bank?

  180. Why do I see "no positions created yet"?

  181. Why do you ask for SSN, DOB and EIN?

  182. Why is my account suspended?

  183. Why is my calendar Locked for Editing?

  184. Why isn't an official showing as available?

  185. Will you build me a new feature?

  186. Yahoo blocking emails from Horizon...

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