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Knowledge Base

  1. Account Login 

    1. How do I know what my username and password is?
    2. How to reset your username/password
    3. Registration Instructions
    4. I received a failed login attempt notification, what do I do?
    5. How to choose a safe password
  2. Subscription Initial Setup 

    1. Getting started as an Administrator
    2. Diagram of leagues, game codes and positions...
    3. What are Game Codes?
    4. How long will my game info be retained in the system?
    5. Restricting Game Levels to members of Contact Groups
  3. Administration 

    1. User Permissions Explained
    2. How do I add users?
    3. How do I purchase & add more user licenses?
    4. How do I add another administrator?
    5. If the user doesn't their receive initial welcome email, is there a way to resend?
  4. Game Schedule 

    1. What are schedule filters?
    2. Importing Games via Spreadsheet
    3. Mass Edit & Update Game Information in Bulk
    4. Cancel Games in Bulk
    5. How to reschedule a cancelled game
  5. Scheduling & Assigning 

    1. Why isn't an official showing as eligible?
    2. What is the TBA System?
    3. How does Auto-Assign work?
    4. How do I see who is available when assigning games?
    5. How do I assign an official AFTER a game has been completed?
  6. Availability Calendar 

    1. Availability System
    2. Availability Calendars for multiple organizations
    3. What is Availability Locking?
    4. When I put my availability on the calendar, how do I save?
    5. How can I change the hours of availability after a game is already accepted on that date?
  7. Help for Officials 

    1. Getting Started - Officials
    2. How do I turn back an accepted game?
    3. How do I decline a game?
    4. How to subscribe to iCalendar on iPhone / iPad ?
    5. How do I set preferences for locations or age groups I want to work?
  8. Payment Center 

    1. How to create a Sender account
    2. How to Add & Verify a Bank Account
    3. How to send payments for game assignments
    4. I received micro-deposits, now what do I do?
    5. Why do you ask for SSN, DOB and EIN?
  9. Emails & Notifications 

    1. How to whitelist our emails...
    2. Emails Stopped. What do I do?
    3. Why do all emails I receive say they are from (insert name) ?
    4. What email reminders are sent and when?
    5. How do I change what time text messages are sent?
  10. Help for Coaches 

    1. How does a coach or athletic director (AD) change their team affiliation?
    2. How can a coach or athletic director add games?
    3. How do I modify or change information for a game?
    4. I selected the wrong team affiliation, how can I correct that?
  11. Reports & Exports 

    1. Is there a way to run a report of number of turnbacks?
    2. Where do I get an invoice and be able to print it out as well?
    3. Can you export an invoice into an excel spreadsheet?
    4. Is it possible to export to excel a list of mileage for each official by location?
    5. Exporting your schedule to Outlook, Yahoo and other external calendar programs
  12. Developer API 

    1. How do I get an access token?
    2. Handling Webhooks...
    3. What scopes are available?
    4. How do I get the next page of results from my request?
    5. API Changelog
  13. About Horizon 

    1. How do I contact Horizon?
    2. System Status
    3. Changelog
    4. Will you build me a new feature?
    5. Account Usage Policy
  14. Mobile Apps 

    1. How to clear Android App Cache & Data
    2. How to update my Android App
    3. How to install the Apple iOS app on iPhone or iPad
    4. How to install the Android app to a phone or tablet
  15. All articles 

    1. What are schedule filters?
    2. Availability System
    3. User Permissions Explained
    4. Is there a way to run a report of number of turnbacks?
    5. How does a coach or athletic director (AD) change their team affiliation?

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