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Provide Officials with a Payroll Report CSV export option

The "Exportable Version" option does very little good when trying to put a usable payroll report together that I can use for end-of-year tax reporting. P
Being able to export my payroll games in a manipulable file format would be highly useful.
Or add the Fee Column to the Schedule Export to CSV option, as that's the important information.

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Nicolas Wendlowsky shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Allow user to customer export fields, to include mileage based on users profile zip code.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Have a report that is easily exported into Excel. The columns would have the following detail:
    A - Assignment Organization
    B- Date
    C- Location
    D - Time
    E - Position
    F- Game Fee
    G- Travel
    H- Per Diem
    I - Roundtrip mileage from home to rink

    This report would make tax preparation very simple and one step.

    Thank you.

  • Rick Ferendo commented  · 

    Adding the "FEE" data to csv export has been added to the ADMIN, please give it to officials also.

  • Rick Ferendo commented  · 

    When exporting the schedule to a CSV file for use in excel, give us the option of selecting which columns of data we want to select. At the very least include the "Fee" column in the download.

  • Andrew Mann commented  · 

    I use my outlook calendar to keep my schedule, and do reports from it programmatically into excel.

    I can't use the ICAL export because my game calendar is not my default, and MS won't honor the calendar specifier in the ical format.
    No worries there.

    I include my fees in my calendar items, as well as other officials. I can't get the game/travel fees from the schedule export, and I can't get a csv export of the paysheet (and it doesn't contain my partners)

    Either one would suffice for me, include fees in schedule export or just an csv export of the paysheet.

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