I suggest you create a feature that ...

Allows official to only accept or decline all games linked.

Presently an official can accept two of the 3 games in a link and decline the 3rd. This causes the assignor multiple phone calls to correct this problem.

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Don Hulshult shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Steve James commented  · 

    I wouldn't say "allows officials"...I would say 'Requires officials to accept or decline all games in the set'. This is something that needs to be fixed. You can't say "Built By Assignors..." and not fix this feature. No Assignor would design a system where an official could cherry-pick the games out a linked set...to accept or decline the entire set is the point of linking games together.

  • Don Hulshult commented  · 

    I would also like to see this feature, as officials will accept 3 of 4 games, leaving the assignor to start making phone calls. I would rather they accept all or none.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    Set up the "Link" feature or a new feature that when you assign a Ref for multiple games in a row on a specific day, they must accept all games or none.

  • Tom Navarro commented  · 

    When assigning Link sets, sometimes the official will accept only one or two games of a linked set. It should be set that an official can only take the complete set, or decline set. When they take only a partial ,it then requires me to email the official and let them know this is a 3 game set , you cannot take just two. go back remove them and then reassign it to another ref..

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