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Allow arena preferences to be Preferred or Acceptable

Allow arena preferences to be Preferred or Acceptable, rather than active or blocked for assigning purposes.

By having the ability to split your arenas into the arenas that you prefer to go to, and which are acceptable to go to, this would allow for the administrators/assignors/payroll people, to add mileage to officials where an arena is acceptable. For example, if I am willing to travel to an arena that is 50 KM away from my home, I would list it as acceptable and could be assigned there if needed... I wouldn't want to be assigned there on a permanent basis, but am will to travel if I get paid mileage. This will also cut down on the number of blocked arenas and give flexibility to the officials. It will increase the number of available officials for arenas that are off the beaten path.

This would also require the assigning screen to have the arena show as acceptable or preferred on the assignor's screen so that they would know to pay mileage. An added bonus feature would kick the assignor to a panel that would allow the dollar amount to be added to the game record automatically (KM x rate), or overridden by the assignor. So if the rate is $0.50/KM, then it would automatically reflect a mileage amount of $25 added to the official's payroll. However, if I only want to pay someone gas money of $15, I can override the $25 with $15.

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