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Don't allow officials to respond to TBA requests when they are scheduled in a game at the same time

The TBA system currently allows officials to respond to TBAs even when they are scheduled in another game at the same time. They don't come up on the assigning screen, but it is misleading to the official requesting the assignment.

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Chris Arsenault shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Shaun Bougie commented  · 

    In the same vein, I think it would be important for officials who are scheduled for game from TBA to have their other TBA responses be removed if they all of a sudden become unavailable due to scheduling. That way the TBA counter is more accurate and nobody is double booked in error.

  • Michael Redd commented  · 

    Officials will TBA 10 games at the same date and time to ensure they get a game. After accepting one of these games. the other 9 games still appear as TBA'd through filter. Diagnostics tells us that they cannot work these games although TBA'd by them. Why not just remove the TBA's. If their schedule changes, let the official worry about tba'ing more games now that their schedule is different.

  • Trevor Lisoy commented  · 

    Ability for the person who sends out the TBA to see what other officials are available for the particular game they are sending the TBA our for. This way they could have the option to message those officials directly.

  • Scott Wadas commented  · 

    Helps us trim the number of games that we know we are unable to work.

  • Rich Smith commented  · 

    I would like the ability to not be notified or see TBA requests for times that I am already assigned a game. I understand that TBS's are generally a "cry for help" from an assignor. However, if I am already scheduled for a game I cannot help. If I am not available by choice, I don't mind seeing the TBA, as I could possibly change my availability.

    But, I hate looking at the TBA list and then having to switch to my personal schedule to see if I have a game that day. Also, being notified for days I am already working requires me to delete emails and notifications which gets to be cumbersome after a while.

  • Michael Mullally commented  · 

    If you are already scheduled for a game, remove any other TBA request list/games for that day.

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