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Carpool mileage & expenses - user submitted

Allow users to enter mileage/expenses instead of having admin modify through "manual adjust game fees" tab.

For carpooling officials that have to submit a paper reconciliation form and paid by teams, this would allow admin to receive mileage/expenses and then easily generate a payroll. As it currently stands, the admin/assignor would have to go in manually and adjust this.

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Ryan Wilson shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →

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  • Mike commented  · 

    The Admin can currently adjust the officials individual expenses, however would it be possible for the official to be able to manually adjust their expenses for each games which would need approval before payment from the admin. This would solve issues where people car pool and don't travel the full distance to the arenas and also have additional expenses such as tolls, per diem etc which they could manually add to ensure they payment details are all correct.

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