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Customize game report fields

Allow league/assignors to customize fields to be filled out in a required game report. The base report is overly complex, where most reports can get by with a simple score, team names, and field conditions.

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Chris Seubert shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • Dennis Kreiss commented  · 

    I suggest you allow officials to either modify their game report after it is submitted, or the ability to add a note to it. A referee just told me, "I got the score wrong." I could delete the report so he could start over, but adding a note seems like a good idea

  • Dennis Kreiss commented  · 

    I appreciate the detail you put into the game reports for Soccer, however we only want information if necessary. Simpler is better. No need to report of nothing of not happened.

    (Your "Verbal Report to League Office" should also be added to your incident reports)

    Rather than a 1-7 rating system, we would be happier with a simpler report with fill in the blanks comments. You could keep all the categories and just allow a comment if necessary. That way, they only need to communicate a problem, not a long list of numbers that may or may not have significance.

    The only one or two of those that would probably be good just the way it is - in my opinion is the category dealing with "Game officials" near the bottom. And coaches should probably be rated as well. The rest - just fill in the blanks if needed.

    A change here - at least for our league - would be appreciated.

  • Mark Golden commented  · 

    I would like the system to automatically send a post-game reminder to complete an evaluation and provide a link to an external form. OR..give me a way to customize a form.

  • John Pinches commented  · 

    All we could find on Horizon was an Incident report which is geared toward a player and an infraction. Could there be a similar report - game report that could be used when a game is suspended and will be picked up on another date. The report would have teams, reason for suspension, score at time, time on game clock, team in possession and any penalties accumulated to the point of suspension. This report would go to the same person as the Incident Report

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