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Scheduling & Assigning

  1. Why isn't an official showing as eligible?

  2. What is the TBA System?

  3. How does Auto-Assign work?

  4. How do I see who is available when assigning games?

  5. How do I assign an official AFTER a game has been completed?

  6. When are officials no longer available for more assignments on the same day?

  7. Is there a way as a scheduler that I can mark a game as "accepted" for an official?

  8. How do I turn on mileage calculation to be shown when assigning games?

  9. Is there any way to restrict what games an official can be assigned to based on the official's age?

  10. If an organization has more than one assignor who receives the Declines or Turnback notificiations?

  11. Can I force officials to accept games within a few days?

  12. Is there a way I can identify that two officials can't be assigned to work on the same game together?

  13. Is there a way to tell me how far a location is from an officials home?

  14. Why do I see "no positions created yet"?

  15. How can I rank officials according to seniority?

  16. Can assigner accept games for the official?

  17. "No positions created yet"

  18. How do I input incidental expenses, travel and meal allowance?

  19. Importing Assignments

  20. Can officials just self assign themselves and choose their own games?

  21. How to cancel individual games

  22. How to handle rain outs

  23. Are cancelled games deleted from the system?

  24. How do I charge a scheduling fee?

  25. Game Linking System

  26. Publishing Games & Assignments

  27. How to open a CSV template file

  28. How to change an assignment Position

  29. Availability after a declined assignment

  30. How to override eligibility

  31. Using the Block Systems

  32. Using Contact Groups for scheduling

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