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Availability Calendars for multiple organizations

Officials that are members of multiple organizations within have options when managing their calendars for their organizations.  Officials can choose on a case-by-case basis whether or not they want their calendar updates to be applied to just the organization they are signed-in to or to all their organizations.  By default, any calendar changes made are applied only to the organization you are currently signed-in to.

To adjust this and apply your new changes to ALL your organizations, use the checkbox at the top of the Availability Calendar:

If you want to ensure that the calendar checkbox is checked all the time, you can change the default setting for this checkbox within your Personal Profile under the Preferences tab:

Any changes to these settings are not retroactively applied to existing availability entries.  They are only applied towards future saved changes.

Can my existing calendar entries be copied to another organization?

Unfortunately, no.  Changes you make utilizing this method are only applied to future calendar entry changes you make.  If you wish to apply your settings to another organization, you will need to re-enter your calendar entries.

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