API Changelog


  • Changed the GET /schedule resource so that the event_id field returned always reference the system's resource ID.
  • Added to the GET /schedule resource the field organization_event_id which will return a custom (or manual) ID set by the organization.
  • Added GET, POST and DELETE resources for /custom_field to handle operations with Custom Profile Fields.
  • Added POST, PUT and DELETE resources for /payroll_adjustment to handle additional interactions with these items.
  • Corrected minor issues and bug fixes.


  • Added query parameter to GET /schedule resource:  score_reported
  • Added link to Changelog on documentation


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed API Login permissions


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added new resource: GET /payroll_adjustment
  • Added new resource: GET /payroll_adjustment
  • Added new resource: GET /position
  • Added new resource: GET /position/{position_id}
  • Added new resource: DELETE /position
  • Added new resource: DELETE /position/{position_id}


  • Initial Release

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