What mobile carriers do you support for free text messaging?

Our free text messaging notification feature use a system called Email-to-SMS to send officials free text message notifications for certain system actions.  If desired, officials can opt-in to this feature via the Text Messaging tab within their Personal Profile.  When an applicable system generated notification is to be sent, the system will send an email to your10digitnumber@yourcarriers.address which your mobile carrier then automatically converts to a text message and delivers to your device(s).  Not all carriers support Email-to-SMS, but as of the writing of this article, the carriers below currently provide an Email-To-SMS option.  If your carrier does not offer Email-to-SMS services, we recommend you download and install our free Android, iPhone and/or iPad apps which provide free Push Notifications that operate independent of your carrier and still provides you with instant device notifications just like a text message.

The following is a list of mobile carriers that currently provide text messaging options via Email-to-SMS:

3 River Wireless (sms.3rivers.net)
ACS Wireless (paging.acswireless.com)
Alltel (message.alltel.com)
Alltel PCS (message.alltel.com)
Andhra Pradesh Airtel (airtelap.com)
Arch Wireless (archwireless.net)
AT&T USA (txt.att.net)
AT&T Free2Go (mmode.com)
AT&T Pocketnet PCS (dpcs.mobile.att.net)
BeeLine GSM (sms.beemail.ru)
Bell Atlantic (message.bam.com)
Bell Canada (bellmobility.ca)
Bell Canada (txt.bellmobility.ca)
Bell Mobility (txt.bell.ca)
Bell Mobility (txt.bellmobility.ca)
Bell South (bellsouth.cl)
Bell South (blsdcs.net)
Bell South (sms.bellsouth.com)
Bell South (wireless.bellsouth.com)
Bell South Mobility (blsdcs.net)
Bell South, Blackberry (bellsouthtips.com)
Blue Sky Frog (blueskyfrog.com)
Bluegrass Cellular (sms.bluecell.com)
Boost (myboostmobile.com)
BPL mobile (bplmobile.com)
Carolina West Wireless (cwwsms.com)
Cellular One (cell1.textmsg.com)
Cellular One (cellularone.textmsg.com)
Cellular One (cellularone.txtmsg.com)
Cellular One (message.cellone-sf.com)
Cellular One (mobile.celloneusa.com)
Cellular One (sbcemail.com)
Cellular One East Coast (phone.cellone.net)
Cellular One PCS (paging.cellone-sf.com)
Cellular One South West (swmsg.com)
Cellular One West (mycellone.com)
Cellular South (csouth1.com)
Centennial Wireless (cwemail.com)
CenturyTel (messaging.centurytel.net)
Chennai RPG Cellular (rpgmail.net)
Chennai Skycell / Airtel (airtelchennai.com)
Cincinnati Bell Wireless (gocbw.com)
Cingular (cingularme.com)
Clearnet (msg.clearnet.com)
Comcast (comcastpcs.textmsg.com)
Corr Wireless Communications (corrwireless.net)
Cricket Wireless (mms.mycricket.com)
Delhi Aritel (airtelmail.com)
Delhi Hutch (delhi.hutch.co.in)
Dobson Cellular Systems (mobile.dobson.net)
Dobson-Cellular One (mobile.cellularone.com)
DT T-Mobile (t-mobile-sms.de)
Dutchtone / Orange-NL (sms.orange.nl)
Edge Wireless (sms.edgewireless.com)
EMT (sms.emt.ee)
Escotel (escotelmobile.com)
Fido (fido.ca)
German T-Mobile (t-mobile-sms.de)
Goa BPLMobil (bplmobile.com)
Golden Telecom (sms.goldentele.com)
GTE (messagealert.com)
Gujarat Celforce (celforce.com)
Houston Cellular (text.houstoncellular.net)
Idea Cellular (ideacellular.net)
Inland Cellular Telephone (inlandlink.com)
Kerala Escotel (escotelmobile.com)
Kolkata Airtel (airtelkol.com)
Kyivstar (smsmail.lmt.lv)
LMT (smsmail.lmt.lv)
Maharashtra BPL Mobile (bplmobile.com)
Maharashtra Idea Cellular (ideacellular.net)
Manitoba Telecom Systems (text.mtsmobility.com)
MCI (pagemci.com)
MCI Phone (mci.com)
Meteor (mymeteor.ie)
Meteor (sms.mymeteor.ie)
Metro PCS (metropcs.sms.us)
Metro PCS (mymetropcs.com)
Microcell (fido.ca)
Midwest Wireless (clearlydigital.com)
MiWorld (m1.com.sg)
Mobilecomm (mobilecomm.net)
Mobileone (m1.com.sg)
Mobilfone (page.mobilfone.com)
Mobility Bermuda (ml.bm)
Mobistar Belgium (mobistar.be)
Mobitel Tanzania (sms.co.tz)
Mobtel Srbija (mobtel.co.yu)
Motient (isp.com)
Movistar (correo.movistar.net)
Mumbai BPL Mobile (bplmobile.com)
Mumbai Orange (orangemail.co.in)
NBTel (wirefree.informe.ca)
Netcom (sms.netcom.no)
Nextel (messaging.nextel.com)
Nextel (nextel.com.br)
NPI Wireless (npiwireless.com)
Ntelos (pcs.ntelos.com)
O2 (o2imail.co.uk)
O2 (M-mail) (mmail.co.uk)
Omnipoint (omnipointpcs.com)
One Connect Austria (onemail.at)
OnlineBeep (onlinebeep.net)
Optus Mobile (optusmobile.com.au)
Orange (orange.net)
Orange - NL / Dutchtone (sms.orange.nl)
Orange Mumbai (orangemail.co.in)
Oskar (mujoskar.cz)
P&T Luxembourg (sms.luxgsm.lu)
Pacific Bell (pacbellpcs.net)
PageNet Canada (pagegate.pagenet.ca)
PageOne NorthWest (page1nw.com)
PCS One (pcsone.net)
Pioneer / Enid Cellular (msg.pioneerenidcellular.com)
PlusGSM (text.plusgsm.pl)
Pondicherry BPL Mobile (bplmobile.com)
Powertel (voicestream.net)
Price Communications (mobilecell1se.com)
Primeco (email.uscc.net)
Primtel (sms.primtel.ru)
Public Service Cellular (sms.pscel.com)
Qwest (qwestmp.com)
RAM Page (ram-page.com)
Rogers AT&T Wireless (pcs.rogers.com)
Rogers Canada (pcs.rogers.com)
Safaricom (safaricomsms.com)
Satelindo GSM (satelindogsm.com)
SCS-900 (scs-900.ru)
SFR France (sfr.fr)
Simple Freedom (text.simplefreedom.net)
Simple Mobile (smtext.com)
Smart Telecom (mysmart.mymobile.ph)
Southern LINC (page.southernlinc.com)
Southwestern Bell (email.swbw.com)
Sprint (messaging.sprintpcs.com)
SunCom (suncom1.com)
SunCom (tms.suncom.com)
Sunrise Mobile (freesurf.ch)
Sunrise Mobile (mysunrise.ch)
Surewest Communications (mobile.surewest.com)
Swisscom (bluewin.ch)
T-Mobile (tmomail.net)
T-Mobile Austria (sms.t-mobile.at)
T-Mobile Germany (t-d1-sms.de)
T-Mobile UK (t-mobile.uk.net)
Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile (bplmobile.com)
Tele2 Latvia (sms.tele2.lv)
Telefonica Movistar (movistar.net)
Telenor (mobilpost.no)
Telia Denmark (gsm1800.telia.dk)
Telus (msg.telus.com)
TIM (timnet.com)
Triton (tms.suncom.com)
UMC (sms.umc.com.ua)
Unicel (utext.com)
Uraltel (sms.uraltel.ru)
US Cellular (email.uscc.net)
US Cellular (uscc.textmsg.com)
US West (uswestdatamail.com)
Uttar Pradesh Escotel (escotelmobile.com)
Verizon Wireless (vtext.com)
Vessotel (pager.irkutsk.ru)
Virgin Mobile (vmobl.com)
Virgin Mobile (vxtras.com)
Vodafone Italy (sms.vodafone.it)
Vodafone Japan (c.vodafone.ne.jp)
Vodafone Japan (h.vodafone.ne.jp)
Vodafone Japan (t.vodafone.ne.jp)
Vodafone UK (vodafone.net)
VoiceStream / T-Mobile (voicestream.net)
West Central Wireless (sms.wcc.net)
Western Wireless (cellularonewest.com)
Wyndtell (wyndtell.com)

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