What are Official Positions?

Official Positions (aka Positions List) are the type of assignment you are going to fill for your games. You can think of them as "buckets" that you drop your officials into when you schedule them to a game. This is how the system determines what each official will earn for the game and what actions will happen after the game (i.e. get ratings, get game reports, etc.) 

Every League/Game Code combination must have at least 1 position. You should have a number of positions in your system. It would be very unusual to only have 1 or 2 positions in your system. If you are going to assign 2 (or more) officials to the same position, it is not necessary to create to different positions for this. For example, you do NOT need a "Referee 1" and "Referee 2" position. Just create a position called "Referee" and assign 2 officials to that position. 

For your fee structure, these fields are most important:

Billable Fee

This is the amount you are going to invoice to teams, schools or leagues for this assignment


This is the difference between the billable fee and what your official actually receives.  This amount will be subtracted from the billable fee.

Net Pay to Official

This field is automatically calculated by taking the Billable Fee and subtracting the Deductions.

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How do I edit my Positions?

Positions can be edited by navigating to the Administrative Forms page and choosing the last option at the bottom of the page labeled Add/Edit/Remove Official Positions.  Note, this may be labeled slightly differently if you're altered the terminology in your subscription, but it's always the last option at the bottom of the Administrative Form page.

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