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What are Teams?

Teams can be added under Administrative Forms >> Add/Edit/Remove Teams

Teams are optional.  If you don't care about teams, they can be turned OFF in your System Settings using Feature #10.  

Teams represent actual teams that will be competing in the games that you're scheduling.   
A team should represent a single actual team, not a collection of teams or an entire organization.  Each team should have its own coaches and players.   Some people mistake teams to represent just the name of the school or organization. If the school or organization has multiple teams, each actual team should be entered separately.
  • For example, instead of just the "Tigers", you may need to enter...
    • Tigers - U10 Boys
    • Tigers - U10 Girls
    • Tigers - U12 Boys
    • Tigers - U12 Girls
    • Tigers - Varsity
    • Tigers - JV
    • etc.
Feel free to Contact Us for help.

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