How do I see who is available when assigning games?

The simple answer is to just open the assigning window for the game you want to schedule. The system will automatically evaluate who is available or unavailable to work a particular game. You would simply just need to open the assigning window which will display just the available officials by default. You can use the button at the top of the assigning window if you want to switch over and see the unavailable officials.

 Our availability systems uses much more than just dates & times when evaluating who is available to work a game. Yes, It will evaluate their availability calendar, but it will also consider any conflicting assignments, what their qualifications are, their block lists, their ranking levels, etc.

 As a scheduler, your regular scheduling process would be just to open the assigning window for the game(s) you want to schedule and the system will do the rest. If you want to see a report on just the availability calendar, you can use the Availability Overview graph on the Availability Calendar to get an overview. However, as I mentioned, the assigning window considers much more than just the availability calendar when determining who is "Available" for the game you're scheduling so I would recommend using the assigning window when making your assignments.

A few tips...
  • The blue question mark in the assigning window will show you the officials availability if you're curious. 
  • If you're scheduling back-to-back games you can use the Game Linking system to link the games together and the system will only show officials that are available for all the linked games. This saves you from having to schedule the same officials to multiple games and also ensures that they are available for all the games. 
  • If the system ever determines someone to be "Unavailable" and you're not sure why, you can check out the "Diagnostics" link in the bottom left hand corner of the assigning window to see why the system determined the official to be "Unavailable".

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