How do I increase the number of maximum licenses?

You may add more licenses using the Add Licenses option directly on the system at the top of the grey navigation menu. This option is a green plus symbol () that can be found at the top of navigation menu as well as on the Subscription tab within your System Settings.  It is also available on the Add User page.

What is the cost to add licenses?

  • Additional licenses can be purchased in groups of 5 licenses
  • Pricing is based on the pricing package you purchased at the beginning of your subscription term
  • Additional license discounts are not available during the middle of your subscription term
    i.e. if your package includes a $5.00/ea. license cost, any additional licenses you purchase will also be $5.00/ea. regardless of whether you buy 5 more or 5000 more.
  • Licenses are not pro-rated and will expire at the same time as the rest of your subscription
  • The opportunity to change subscription packages and receive license discounts exists only at the time of your original purchase or at the time of your subscription renewal

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