After I have accepted a game how do I give it back?

Once you have accepted a game there is no automated process to remove it from your schedule. The reason being, is that once you have accepted the game, your scheduler is now planning on you taking that game and is no longer planning on scheduling officials for this particular game. You may make a REQUEST to your scheduler that you be removed from the game. You may do this by using the Turn Back Request feature. To use the turn back request feature, open your game details, and click the "REQUEST TURN BACK" link that is listed below your name on the game details page. This will send a request to the scheduler for you to be removed from the game. This is only a request, though. Many schedulers use the "Accept Game" as a mutual agreement that you will appear for that game. So unless your scheduler is willing to remove you from the game, the assignment will remain on your schedule as your responsibility.

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