How do you file game reports?

There are 2 different game/event reporting systems:

The Game Reports System
This system can be turned ON or OFF by your organization's assignor / administrator.  When turned ON, the assignor can specify certain positions that are required to complete a game report after the game has been completed.  This report asks for information such as home score, away score, evaluations of each team's sportsmanship, facility conditions, spectator behavior, etc.  There is also a place for general comments.  When turned ON, if you need to complete a game report, a reminder will be displayed in your Reminders Box that is on your Members Home page.  If you have a reminder, finding the place to complete the report is the same as accepting / declining a game.  You would go to your schedule, find the game on your schedule using the schedule filters, and then click the  icon in the "Action Column" to complete the game/event report.  This system, if turned ON, is a system that will REQUIRE the report to be completed before your schedule details can be viewed.

The Incident Reports System
The incident reporting system is an ON DEMAND system that is used for reporting misconducts, ejections, disqualifications, match penalties, technicals, etc, etc and is turned ON or OFF by your system's assignor / administrator.  When we say that the system is ON DEMAND we mean that, you fill out the report whenever you need to report something, and the system will not generate any reminders or requirements to complete the form.  You do not need to submit an incident report unless and incident has occurred.  To submit a new incident report, click the  icon in the Action Column on your Game Schedule page next to any game in the past.  This will bring you to the form to submit a new incident report for that game.

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