The system sends numerous notifications regarding various events on the system.  The notifications below are the most commonly received:

**TEXT MESSAGES**  Please note that you can change the time of the day that text messages are allowed to be received through your Personal Profile, otherwise the messages will be sent either immediately or at 6:00am; based on the settings below.

Assignment Reminder: Sent 3 days prior to your game by email around 6:00am, local time of your system.
Assignment Today:  Sent the morning of your game by email around 6:00am, local time of your system.  Text message available also.
Game Confirmation Required:  Sent immediately once new assignment(s) are received by the user by email and text message (if subscribed)
Game Removed:  Sent immediately once a user is removed from assignment(s) by email and text message (if subscribed).
Game Cancelled:  Sent immediately once a game/event gets cancelled by email and text message (if subscribed).
Unaccepted Assignment Reminder:  Sent daily by email around 6:00am, local time of system, whenever a user has unaccepted assignments.
New Message Posted (Administrator):  Sent immediately when your system's owner/administrator posts a message, by email.
New Document Uploaded:  Sent immediately when a new document is uploaded to your system, by email.
New General Memo Posted:  Sent immediately when a new Memo is posted for viewing, by email.
New Game Note Posted:  Sent immediately when a new Game/Event note is posted for viewing, by email.
New TBA Requests:  Sent immediately when new TBA Requests become available, as posted by the assignor/schedule;  by email.

New Travel Accommodations:  Sent immediately when your assignor/scheduler adds a hotel, rental car, or flight to your games/events, by email.
Forum Reply Received:  Sent immediately when a user replies to a forum that you are involved in discussion with, by email.
New User Requests Access: Sent immediately to ADMINISTRATORS ONLY when a new users registers for your system, by email.
TBA Response Received:  Sent immediately to ASSIGNORS ONLY when a response is received from one or more of their TBA Requests.
Game Declined:  Sent immediately when a user declines a game/event; by email.

There are hundreds more reminders and notifications that the system may send based on numerous settings and actions the user may need to take.  These are just the most common reminders.  You can see a more comprehensive list of all system notifications at this support article.

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