Emailing Overview

There are many ways to send emails to users on our system. The easiest and most straight forward way is to click the "Messaging" link on the right hand grey navigation bar. This will bring you to the messaging page that will allow you to compose a single message to multiple recipients.

You can also select multiple recipients from the Members Directory by simply selecting the checkboxes to the right of the users' email address (far right of the directory). Once you have the users selected that you wish to email, click the "Email Selected Officials" button at the top of the page. Email addresses that display in the directory as "" have been hidden by the respective user for privacy reasons. You may still email that user, however, the user has elected to hide their email address from you. Hidden addresses will also not receive mass-emails from general users, and only assignors/administrators will be able to send mass emails to users with hidden addresses.

You may also send emails to users from the Game Details page. If you'd like to email the entire game crew, simply click the link below the details table and above the list of officials. The link is titled "( email entire game crew )".

The system accepts all emails that are generated by the system, both automatically and manually, and pools them collectively for evaluation. Emails are not sent instantly. This process is done to reduce (not necessarily eliminate, but reduce) any instances of duplicate messages. Every few minutes, the system will then send out emails from the system to their respective recipient. Email headers from the system are displayed as follows:

From: Joe Smith <>
Sender: Joe Smith <>
Reply-To: Joe Smith <>
To: Tom Jones <>

The FROM and SENDER addresses will always contain the address "" due to SPAM regulations that require our address in the from and sender fields to validate the actual sender.

However, the "Reply-To" header that is included will instruct nearly all email programs to respond to the actual sender of the message. Simply pressing the "Reply" button in your email program should send a reply message to the original sender.

BLACKBERRY® USERS: Your stock email programs, unfortunately, do not recognize the standard "Reply-To" header so using the "Reply" button in your stock email program will not correctly respond to the message, and you will receive an "Email Rejected" message. We recommend using the "Reply-To-All" feature to correctly reply to the message's actual sender.

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