How do I Accept or Decline games on my schedule?

Accepting or declining games is done on your Personal Game Schedule page.  You'll use the icons in the right-hand Action column to take action (accept or decline) on a particular game.

Do I have unaccepted games?

The first step is to determine if you even have any unaccepted games that need your attention.  If you have unaccepted games, they will be displayed in the Reminders box on your Members Home page.  Check there first to see if there is anything you need to do.

How do I find my games?

Your Personal Game Schedule page is organized and controlled by the Schedule Filters.  See this support article for instructions and details on how to edit the filters.  If necessary, you may need to change your Schedule Filters, particularly the date range, to locate your unaccepted games.  Alternatively, you can also just click on the reminder displayed in the Reminders box on your Members Home page to be taken directly to the unaccepted game.

Accepting or Declining

Taking action on your game (accepting or declining) will be done via the Action column on the right hand side of your Game Schedule page.  You can simply click on the desired action to proceed.  Alternatively, you can use the Accept All option in the top toolbar to accept all the visible unaccepted games. 
Note: some officiating organizations do not permit officials to decline games, in which case, only the Accept icon would be shown.

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