Exporting your schedule to Outlook, Yahoo and other external calendar programs

We provide 2 options that will allow you to download, export or synchronize calendars for Apple, Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and other calendar programs that accept iCAL files.

The best option is to use the iCal synchronize URL which will automatically update your external calendar for any external calendar program that supports the iCal format.

The second option would be to download an iCAL file which you can perform a one-time import into your calendar program.

To synchronize your personal game assignments with any external calendar program, you can use the iCal Synchronization URL link option at the top of your personal Game Schedule page.  Copy the specialized URL and paste it into your external calendar program's iCAL synchronization section.  For instructions on where to paste the link, please refer to your external calendar program's documentation for adding external ICS / iCAL / vCAL links and URLs. If you're using Google Calendar or an Android device, we recommend using the Google Calendar Synchronize option located under the Synchronize tab within your Personal Profile. If you're using an iPhone or iPad device, you can refer to this support article for specific instructions to synchronize to those devices.

Downloading a calendar file is an older method for exporting to an external calendar program. We only recommend using this if your external calendar program does not support live synchronizing. These days, most calendar programs support live synchronizing including Android, Google, iPhone, iPad, Yahoo, Outlook and many others so you should try to use the synchronize option first. To download an iCal file, click on the iCal download link to download an exported ICS file. Save the file somewhere on your local machine (desktop recommended) where you can find it again later and use this file to perform a one-time Import operation in your external calendar program.

If you're using the download option, you will next need to import your downloaded file into MS Outlook. To do this, open Outlook, and using the menu bar at the top navigate to "File" then "Import and Export..." From the new window, select "Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs)" In the next window, browse your local machine to the file that was downloaded. Select the file, and click Open. Your games will now populate into your MS Outlook calendar for you to view.  Make sure to perform the import process and do not simply open the file.  Opening the file will not populate all your games and will usually only open the first game in the file. This process is not a live link and only a one-time import. We recommend using the synchronization option for live synchronizing.

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