What are schedule filters?

  • Your schedule filters will determine which games & events are displayed and which ones are hidden.
  • To open the schedule filters, simply click on the words "Schedule Search & Filter", click on the eyeballs, or click anywhere on the Schedule Search & Filter bar.
  • To set your schedule filters, change the settings, then press the "Search" button at the bottom of the filters list
  • If games seem to disappear or you cannot see them, check the filters. They will change as the date changes throughout the year.
  • You can set the default schedule filters in your Personal Profile under the Preferences tab.

Open the Filters

Your schedule filters are closed by default. You will need to click the filter bar to open the filters

Select Parameters & Search

To perform a search, you can select and set your parameters then select the Search button. Usually, it's just the date range you may need to change, but you can use any of the advanced search options to further limit your results.

Choosing Dates

In order to select a new date range, you can click on the calendar icon  to open the calendar date selector.  You may then browse the calendar to find the desired date, within the allowable range.  When selecting a new date you must click on and select an actual and exact date.  For example, if you want to search back to "February 2020", you must be more specific than that and choose a specific date in February to start.  If you want all of February, click on the number 1 in the month of February to indicate you want to start searching beginning from February 1, 2020, which is an actual and exact date.


After you've made your desired changes to the filters, don't forget to click on the Search button to actually perform the search.  Your schedule display won't change or update until you select the Search button to perform a new search for games/events.

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