What permissions does Google Integration require?

For users with a gmail.com email address and a corresponding Google account, our system can provide native integration with your account to help simply some tasks.  These services are available to Officials, Referees and Umpires and can be optionally enabled by each user that wishes to activate these services via their Personal Profile.

What do these features do?

Connecting a Google account with your Horizon user account will provide 3 pieces of additional functionality:
  • Google Login Authentication
    This allows you to login to your Horizon user account using Google as the authentication provider, meaning, you won't need to use your Horizon username & password.  You can use your Google account to login to Horizon.

  • Calendar Synchronization
    This allows officials to automatically send newly accepted assignments to their Google Calendar as an event in their outside calendar.  Google Calendar is frequently used as a standalone calendar program and is very widely used on mobile devices so this is a great way to get your assignments populated on your mobile device.

  • Contact Synchronization
    This will synchronize contact information from the members in your officiating organization to your Google Contacts.  This allows you to have phone numbers, email addresses, etc. directly in your outside address book.  Note:  only contact information that others members have not marked as Private will be synchronized.

What permissions are required?

In order to perform operations on your Google account, there are 2 distinct permissions that our system will request from you so we can perform those operations:
  • See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
  • See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
These are the permissions required by Google in order for us to perform these operations.  Our system does not access, edit or manipulate calendar or contact information other than the information that the system itself creates so items you create outside of the system are not affected, however, we require these permissions in order to create, edit and delete any of the items that the system is responsible for.

Is there an alternative?

Using these services is entirely optional.  If you only want to synchronize your calendar and assignments, there is an easier method that doesn't require direct authorization to your Google account.  You can use the URL Synchronization method instead which can synchronize your game assignments to your calendar without setting up Google Authorization.

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