Coronavirus COVID-19 Subscription Options

The worldwide coronavirus & COVID-19 pandemic is a troubling time for everyone right now.  This situation changes rapidly, but we're providing this article to answer some frequent questions on how we're handling the situation and options we have available for you and your organization regarding your subscription to our services.

System Operations

We don't expect that you'll experience any service disruptions to our platform.  Our systems are cloud based automated software platforms which means they are accessible 24/7 and we are taking steps to ensure that our staff & vendors are capable of keeping the lights on throughout this period.  We expect that you'll still be fully capable of managing your schedules, running reports, issuing payments and sending messages throughout the time.  Our systems back-end processes are also still in full swing including backup systems, maintenance systems, user security operations, and system security and vulnerability tracking systems.  Our support hours and options remain unchanged and will continue normally at this time.


We understand that this is a difficult financial time for everyone involved, including us.  As a software provider that services sports organizations, our daily usage has seen dramatic changes in usage.  This is expected considering that many sports leagues are shutdown.  We would love to be able to give everyone financial help, but unfortunately, we too still have expenses and we still have services that we must keep up and continue running for you as part of the subscription you purchased.  Things like storing & retaining your data, performing system & user security operations, providing support & system availability for reports, payments, messaging, etc. are all still ongoing even if your organization is not currently scheduling games using the scheduling features of the software.  Those expenses are covered by your subscription fees and is how we're able to stay in operation and continue providing you those services.  In light of this, here are the options we have available:

Subscription Renewal

If your subscription renewal is approaching and you have not yet renewed for your next term, we have a special data retention plan available for this situation.  The cost of this plan will be 50% of your 2020 subscription invoice amount.  Your subscription will be turned off and inaccessible, but we'll retain your data in long-term storage for up to 1 year past your expiration date.  You can return your subscription back to normal status by reactivating.  If your subscription requires early reactivation before the 1 year period is up, you'll need to pay the remaining 50% of your subscription fee to return back to a normal subscription status for the 2020-2021 subscription period.  If your subscription requires reactivation after the 1 year data retention period is over, there is no fee to reactivate.  You'll just need to complete your next renewal normally for the 2021-2022 subscription period.  Essentially, this gives you a 50% discount for the 2020-2021 subscription period if you leave the subscription in long-term retention for the entire year.  This 50% fee will cover our expenses to retain & maintain your data for the 2020-2021 time period.  To request this option, open a support ticket here.

Other Situations

If your subscription is not currently eligible for renewal or you've already renewed and you're in the middle of your subscription term, we don't currently have any options available for you at this time.  Unfortunately, we're unable to issue any credits or refunds for our services, because our vendors are not issuing any credits or refunds to us.  Just like you commit to an annual subscription term with us when you purchase your subscription, we also commit to an annual subscription with our vendors to cover the services you purchased.  Unfortunately, we cannot issue any refunds or credits for services you've already purchased since we already purchased & paid our vendors for your subscription services.  We are still actively looking for ways to save you money.  If we are able to secure other options, we'll definitely let everyone know.  Keep in mind that even if you don't have a need for some of our services (like assigning) during this time period, there are still other year-round services we are providing to you as part of your subscription.  Things like reporting (payroll, taxes, earnings, statistics), data & document storage, data retention, data backups, user security, system security, email messaging, video sharing, etc. are still ongoing.  These services have annual expenses that are covered by your subscription fees.  Your scheduling and assigning features are still available to help you prepare your schedules when your organization returns to normal operation.

Stronger Together

We understand that these times bring many challenges, especially financially, and no one has all the answers. We will continue to monitor the situation and try to navigate this time together.  Every decision we make during this time will have our customers and users in mind.  We know that some financial situations may result in answers that are not what you were hoping for, but we hope to continue working together.  We're going to do everything we can to help you out and we hope you'll keep us in mind too as we'll also need your support to ensure we can continue to provide our great service when this time has passed.

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