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Adding additional user types to a user

If you have users that have multiple roles in your organization, for example someone that is a Referee and a Coach, you can provide that user multiple user types in your organization's subscription.  Users may have one or more of the following user types:

Available User Types

  • Official
  • Coach
  • Athletic Director
  • League Personnel
  • Venue Personnel
See User Permission Structure for details on our permission types.

Please note that roles like an AssignorSupervisorAdministrator, or System Owner are all subtypes within the Official user type.  Subtypes inherit permissions from lower levels so you cannot have multiple subtypes as this is unnecessary.  For example, you do not need an Assignor and an Official account, because an Assignor account already inherits everything that an General Member official has.  See our User Permission Structure for details on our permission types.

How to Add Multiple User Types

Add Initial User Type

To start, you'll need to use one of our options for adding users, the easiest being the Add User option on the Members Directory, to add your user to your subscription initially.

Submit User Information

Submit the information requested to create a user account with the desired user type & permissions.

Locate the User

Next, locate the user by browsing the Members Directory to find their name.  Use the edit pencil to begin editing their account permissions.

Add Another User Type

Choose the option to add another user type in the top toolbar of the edit page.

Select the new user type

You may now select the new user type & use the Add User button again to add another user type.

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