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Accepting Cookies

When visiting our website for the first time, you will be required the acknowledge the use of cookies in order to continue using our services.  Our websites use cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy in order to deliver our services.  Click the orange Got it! button to acknowledge & dismiss the prompt.

Why do I keep seeing this prompt?

This prompt will appear the first time you visit our website from a new web browser and/or if your web browser's cookies are cleared or erased.  When you acknowledge the prompt, we track your acknowledgement using a cookie on your local machine so we know not to show this to you again.  If you use a different web browser or you erase your cookies, this process will reset and start over again.

How do I stop seeing this?

  • Acknowledge the prompt when presented using the orange Got it! button
If you're still seeing the prompt continually after acknowledging the prompt, then your cookies are being erased.  You can troubleshoot with the following recommendations:
  • Only manually erase your local cookies when absolutely necessary.  Erasing your cookies is fine to do periodically, but it's not necessary. Anytime you do erase your cookies, this process will start over again.
  • Check your web browser extensions or add-ons.  You may have installed an extension or add-on that might be automatically erasing your cookies for you.
  • Check your antivirus software. It might be automatically erasing your cookies for you.
  • Reset your web browser to it's default settings.  By default, web browsers will accept cookies as they are essential to allow websites like ours to function.  If you've edited your web browser's cookie settings, your access to some functionality and areas of our website, like the secure sections, may be restricted or denied.  Our website operates using the default cookie settings of all major web browsers.

Why do you use cookies?

You may refer to our Cookie Policy as well as our Privacy Policy for details on why and how cookies are used on our systems.

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