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Can I delete old games from the system?

Deleting old games from your subscription cannot be done, nor should it be.  We retain records of your old games, in accordance with our Data Retention Policy and we intentionally prohibit the deleting of old game data to secure these records.  Games that are older than 6 months in the past cannot be edited, deleted or cancelled.  Games that are older than 1 month in the past will have limited editing capabilities.  These records can be important for officials and users at the end of their fiscal year for tax purposes and deleting them would cause an unnecessary burden.

How do I clear my subscription to start a new year?

Your subscription operates within your Current Season.  This determines the 1 year period in which your system will record data & counters for your "season" of games and events.  Your "season" is intended to be established and setup once (upon your initial purchase) and the system will then automatically rollover to a new season every year based on your selection.  If you need to adjust your season start/end dates, you may refer to this support article for details on this topic.

How do I stop showing old games on the schedule?

The games that are displayed on your schedule pages are controlled by your individual Schedule Filter preferences. If you do not wish to view older games, you'll need to edit your schedule filters to display a different range either temporarily or permanently. Your Current Season settings also control the default view for users that have not specified a preference.  You may refer to this support article for details on how to operate the schedule filters.

How do I reset game counters?

Your game counters also operate within your season parameters.  You may see this support article for details on resetting your game counters.

How do I handle multiple sports?

Multiple sports can be handled all within one subscription, however, we generally recommend purchasing a separate subscription for each sport so you can control things, like your Current Seasonindependently for each sport.  If you're trying to fit all your sports into a single subscription, you'll need to identify what month of the year you want to rollover your subscription each year to "reset" once per year.  Usually, this is best done during an offseason or slow period in your scheduling process.

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