How to open a CSV template file

CSV, or Comma Separated Values, is a common format for storing and transmitting simplified spreadsheet content including game schedules, contacts, calendar entries and other statistical data. Any modern version of the Microsoft Excel software can read & open CSV files by default simply by double clicking the file, however, some older versions of the software may display scrambled data that’s impossible to read.  If you're experiencing scrambled data, you can perform the following steps for the data to display correctly.

Open a new Excel document and navigate to the Data tab.

Click “From Text”.

Navigate to the CSV file you wish to open and click “Import”.

From the newly-opened window, choose “Delimited”. Then click “Next”.

Check the box next to the type of delimiter – for our template files, it will be  comma. Then click “Next”.

Click “Finish”.

That’s it; you have just imported a CSV file to Excel!

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