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Why is a user account "inactive" ?

In order for a user account to take advantage of the features we offer and/or receive or make use of any of the services and services that we provide, user account must remain in an Active status.  This is a status that is automatically determined by the software, based on the actions and requirements placed on the user's account.  User accounts that do not meet the requirements or perform the required actions will be placed in an Inactive status by the system.  Users will need to satisfy the missing requirement in order to be automatically switched from Inactive to Active by the software.

Requirements to be "Active"

  • Users must login to each of their organizations at least once every 3 months
  • Users must review & submit information in their Personal Profile at least once every 3 months.

Other Reasons an Account can be "Inactive"

In addition to the above requirements, the following scenarios can also result in an account being labeled "Inactive"
  • The user requested Technical Support resulting in an account change that requires action or input from the user
  • A self-registered user must be approved by an organization's administrator
  • The user is missing their SSN in their Personal Profile for organizations that make this a requirement.  Organizations can choose whether or not this is required in their System Settings.  By default, it is not required.
  • The user's account has been set to a "Not Ready" status by an organization's administrator

How do I know the reason for inactivity?

Organization administrators can view the reason why any user account has been deemed Inactive by navigating to the Members Directory and viewing the Login Records option which will outline exactly what is required from the user, if they are inactive.

What happens to an "Inactive" account?

  • An inactive account cannot be scheduled to games and/or assignments
  • Accounts that remain Inactive for more than 6 months may be manually or automatically deleted from the software
  • Both users & administrators will receive an email report on the 1st day of the month if an Inactive account affects them

How do I resolve this?

Inactivity must be resolved by the user themselves.  The user will need to rectify whatever the reason is that is causing their Inactive status.  In most cases, the user simply needs to login and navigate to the Members Home page for each of their organizations that they are a member of.

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