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How do I receive game assignments?

In most organizations, your scheduler will allocate game assignments to you based on the availability you specify. This is why it is important to always make sure your Availability Calendar stays up to date. Your schedulers will hand out games based on when you've told them you can work.  Many organizations do not allow you to choose your own games.

Some organizations may want you to pick through games yourself. If they opt to do that, this can be done using our TBA System. You will receive an email notification if and when games become available for you to respond to.  You'll need to use the TBA Requests link in the navigation menu to browse available games.  If the TBA Request link does not appear in the navigation menu, then there are zero available games to browse.

Ultimately, check with your scheduler to get an idea on what their scheduling practices are.

Will I be notified if I receive a game?

Yes, you will receive email notifications any time a game is assigned to you.  A notification will also be displayed in the Reminders box on the Members Home page when you have unaccepted assignments.  You can optionally receive text message notifications and mobile app push notifications too, at your preference.  When you receive a notification, you'll need to Accept (or Decline) the assignment(s) in a timely manner so your scheduler knows you've received them.

The  Reminders box on the Members Home page will show you any items that require your attention.  Keep an eye on this if you want to know if there's anything you need to do. 

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