I only received 1 micro-deposit, not 2

When utilizing the Micro-Deposit Bank Verification method, the Horizon Payment Center always sends & deposits 2 separate dollar amounts that are less than $1.00 in value.  Some banking institution combine these two separate deposits and will show them as one single line item instead of 2 separate line items.  Example:  $0.05 and $0.04 show up as a single $0.09 deposit.

What do I do?

If you only see a single line item, you'll need to contact your banking institution and ask for assistance identifying the two separate deposits.  They will have an ACH confirmation record for each deposit separately and can identify the amount of each separate deposit.

My micro-deposits are the same value

Micro-deposits are always separate values and cannot be the same amount.  You'll need to check your deposits again and verify that the deposit date matches the date you received the Micro-Deposits Completed notification.  You can find the date of this confirmation notification in the Event Log inside of the Horizon Payment Center.

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