IAV Navigated to an unexpected page and was cancelled

When attempting to add a bank account to the Horizon Payment Center using the Instant Bank Verification method, some banking institutions that don't support Instant Bank Verification may return an unsupported result which will cause you to receive the following error:

IAV Navigated to an unexpected page and was cancelled

How do I resolve this?

To resolve this, you will need to use the Micro-Deposit Verification alternative method instead of Instant Bank Verification.

How do I get to the micro-deposit option?

To receive the Micro-Deposit Verification alternative method, you will need to intentionally fail your online banking login twice.  Just make up a username/password that is intentionally wrong.  You will need to submit a wrong username/password twice and you will then be presented with the Micro-Deposit Verification alternative option.  You can select any bank for this purpose, it doesn't matter. We recommend selecting Chase just so you can follow the steps below.  

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