How can parents stay in touch with a child's schedule?

For parents that want to keep in touch with their child's schedule, there are a few options available for you to do so:
  • Synchronize Assignments to an Outside Calendar
    Parents can use the iCal URL options available at the top of the child's Game Schedule page to synchronize their child's schedule with an outside calendar program like Outlook, Google Calendar or iCalendar.  This is the best option to stay in touch as you can synchronize multiple calendars at a time for detailed insight and organization.

  • Install our free Android, iPhone or iPad Apps
    Parents can receive Push Notifications via our free mobile apps by installing & logging in to their child's account on their device.  This option is only available for parents that have only 1 child that is a member of our system.  A device can only be assigned to receive push notifications for 1 user account at a time.

  • Add Secondary Email Address
    Parents can add their email address to the child's account as a Secondary email address in their Personal Profile to receive copies of all emails sent to the child.  This option may only be done for 1 child as an email address cannot be assigned to more than 1 user account at a time.

  • Setup Mail Forwarding with your mail provider
    Parents can setup mail forwarding / copying rules in their child's outside mail provider to forward copies of messages to their own email address.  You will need to consult with your mail provider for detailed instructions on how to do this.  Once you're ready to set this up, you can use the From header in an email message to trigger a forwarding rule.  Emails from our systems will always be listed as From: regardless of who the sender is or what the subject is.

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