Why do I need a Verified phone number?

Verified Phone Numbers are used anytime the system needs to verify your identity.  Most commonly, this is utilized anytime you need to recover your username or password if you've forgotten how to login.  Before the system will allow you to reset your credentials, you will be required to receive a phone call and/or a text message at one of the Verified Phone Numbers you designated in your Personal Profile under the Security Settings tab.

How do I setup my verified phone numbers?

Setting up a verified phone number is something the system will walk you through during your initial setup.  If you want to change this at any time, you may do so in your Personal Profile under the Security Settings tab.

Do I need more than 1 verified phone number?

Only one (1) verified phone number is required, however, it is very risky to have only one (1).  We strongly recommend having at least 2 so you have a backup option available to you if you need to recover your username or password.  Only your Verified phone numbers may be used to recover your username or password.  If you only designate one (1) number, that will be the only phone number you can use to recover your credentials.

Can I remove the reminder to verify a second number?

Unfortunately, no.  Having only one (1) verified phone number is acceptable, but very risky.  The reminder displayed in the Reminders box on your Members Home page cannot be suppressed and will always be displayed while you have only one (1) verified phone number.  The only way to remove the reminder would be to verify a second phone number.

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