Why do I need to login to my bank?

The bank login procedure if part of the Instant Bank Verification process to verify that you actually have access to the bank account you're trying to specify.  The Instant Bank Verification process is the fastest way to complete the verification and allows you to instantly start utilizing that account to make/receive payments.

Is it safe?

The Instant Bank Verification process is indeed safe and secure.  Your login credentials for your bank are never access or stored by us in any way.  Your login credentials are transmitted directly to your banking institution to facilitate the instant verification process.

I don't have online banking

If you banking institution doesn't offer online banking, you should be provided with the alternative Micro-Deposit Verification option instead right away.  If you institution does have online banking, but you don't use it, you'll still be presented with the Instant Verification option to begin with.  You will need to intentional fail to login twice and the system will then present you with the Micro-Deposit Verification alternative.  You can just randomly enter a made up and erroneous username/password so it fails.  Do this twice.

I don't feel comfortable with this, is there another option?

Yes, no problem.  Although the Instant Verification is the most convenient, we understand if you don't want to go this route.  To receive the Micro-Deposit Verification alternative option, you will need to intentional fail the login process twice. You can just randomly enter a made up and erroneous username/password so it fails. Do this twice.  

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