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Outbound Sending Limits

The Horizon Payment Center has sending limits in place to prevent abuse and limit liability.  For the highest outbound sending limits, you should pre-fund your Horizon Balance ahead of time with funds.


Sending payments directly from your bank is functionality that is considered deprecated, which means that it is currently supported, but the service will gradually be removed over time during the future months.  Instead of sending directly from your bank, you should utilize your Horizon Balance which is the preferred method of sending payments.

Bank Transfer Pending Limit

Each subscription will have a pending bank transfer limit which is the maximum amount of Pending bank transfers that you can have at one time.  This limit only applies to payments that use your bank account as the funding source.  A bank transfer is the stage of the payment process in which your funds are being pulled out of your bank account and into the Horizon Payment Center.  This is a normal process that happens when issuing a payment from your bank account prior to your receiving party receiving the funds.  It's the first half of the payment transaction.  These limits are dynamic (between $100 and $30,000 USD) and they are automatically adjusted based on your account age and payment history with us.  To eliminate this limit, you should pre-fund your Horizon Balance ahead of time by manually transferring money from your bank and into the Horizon Payment Center before you issue a payment.  Then, you can use your Horizon Balance as the funding source instead of your bank account.

How to Pre-Fund my Horizon Balance

You can avoid the Bank Transfer Pending Limit by pre-funding your Horizon Balance first.  To do so, navigate to the Horizon Payment Center, choose the Balance & Transactions tab and then use the Add Funds option in the top toolbar.  This will allow you to add funds to your Horizon Balance.  Once the funds arrive (1 to 2 business days) you can use those funds to issue payouts to your officials (1 to 2 business days).  The total time for this entire process is still only 2 to 4 business days and is the same timeline as direct-bank payments.

Why are direct bank payments limited?

When transferring money out of your bank account, we need to ensure that the funds are actually there and available before we forward the funds to the receiver.  We set limits on this to prevent abuse and fraud during the stage in which we are retrieving the funds from your bank account.  Once we've successfully retrieved the funds, then we can proceed with transferring them to your officials and the limit is lifted since the bank transfer portion of the payment process is no longer pending.

Does using my Horizon Balance make payments take longer?

No.  The processing time for payments is always the same 2 to 4 business day timeframe, regardless of which method you use the fund the transaction(s).  Both funding options will result in the same transaction events occuring.  Every payment transaction has 2 "legs" no matter which method you utilize:
  • Sender's bank to Horizon Balance:  1 to 2 business days
  • Your Horizon Balance to receiver's bank:  1 to 2 business days
  • Total Processing Time:  2 to 4 business days
Processing cut off times occur on business days at exactly 5:00pm EST.  Transactions initiated before the cut off time will be processed on that business day and will usually arrive to your Horizon Balance on the next business day.  Transactions initiated on or after the cut off time will be processed on the next available business day and will arrive to your Horizon Balance on the 2nd business day.

How much can I add to my Horizon Balance at one time?

You can add up to $100,000 to your Horizon Balance at one time.  If transferring over $10,000 (or $5,000 for some older legacy accounts), the system will automatically break these transfers up into multiple transfers of $10,000 or less.  For example, if you want to transfer in $15,000 to your Horizon Balance, when you submit a $15,000 transfer, the system will actually create 2 transfers.  One for $10,000 and another for $5,000.  You may see this reflected as separate line items in your bank statements.  These transactions are limited to comply with US Federal Law.  You'll need to ensure you have enough funds to cover any and all transactions.  If one or more of your transfers fail, each separate transaction will be subject to our standard rejection fees so if the example $15,000 transfer fails, you could be liable for multiple (2) rejection fees if you do not have enough funds to support each individual transaction amounts.

Individual Payment Limit

The maximum individual payment and transfer amount is limited to $10,000 USD per payment / transfer.  This is the total amount you can send or transfer to any one (1) destination at a time.  If you need to pay or transfer more than $10,000 to anyone 1 destination then you will need to break up your payment / transfer into multiple payments to stay under the limit.  This limit cannot be adjusted and is in addition to the Total Pending Limit.  This is a per-transaction limit.  You can perform multiple transactions at a time, but each transaction must be $10,000 or less.

Why are individual payments limited?

This is part of US federal law that is in place to prevent money laundering.  This cannot be altered.

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