How to perform instant bank verification

Before performing these steps, you'll first need to start by adding a bank account using the steps listed in this support article.  Once you've started this process and you've chosen the Instant Bank Verification method, you can follow these steps to complete the verification.  Note that not all banking institutions will support Instant Bank Verification and you may need to utilize Micro-Deposit Verification if you bank doesn't support this option or if you're simply having trouble completing the Instant Bank Verification steps.

Completing the Verification

After you've selected Instant Bank Verification you'll need to login to your banking institution's website using your banking institution credentials.  These credentials are not stored, saved or accessed by us in any way and are only utilized to connect to your banking institution for verification purposes.

Some banking instituations may challenge you by asking you to answer further questions.  You'll need to answer any questions they prompt you with.

Once connected, you'll need to choose from the list of support bank accounts and give your bank account a nickname for you to reference and recognize while operating within the Horizon Payment Center.

Once you've finished, then that's it.  You're done and the bank will be added and automatically verified with no further steps needed.

Unable to Login to Bank

You will be given at least 2 attempts to login to your bank account to complete the Instant Bank Verification. If you are unable to login after 2 attempts, you'll be able to choose a different bank or use Micro-Deposit Bank Verification instead.

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