How do I get notifications for my child's games?

Due to our strict security methods, this is generally not something that we will facilitate on our end, however, we have some recommendations on how parents can obtain game and assignment information for their children that may be officiating games.

Calendar Sharing

Parents can have their child setup Google Calendar synchronizing in their personal profile and/or iCal Synchronizing on their Game Schedule page to automatically populate game and assignment information on a parent's external calendar.  This is generally the best option to maintain insight on what games and assignments your child has been scheduled to.

Secondary Email Address

A child may add a parent's email address as a secondary email address in their personal profile, if desired.  However, keep in mind that this email address may not be shared and utilized on more than 1 user account at a time.  This means that the email address will not be able to be utilized for another child's account or if the parent needs their own user account.

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