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Account Usage Policy

There are two (2) facets to our system that concern "accounts" and how we control, monitor, govern, and otherwise operate within our systems.  These paragraphs help further define our regular Terms of Service to better understand how the Horizon Dynamic Web Designs, LLC. staff will govern, monitor, oversee and control accounts on our software systems.  Horizon Dynamic Web Designs, LLC. retains all rights to add, modify, remove, disable, limit or otherwise change any account information on our systems at our sole discretion for any reason.

User Account

A User Account ("User") references the individual personal profile for each person that logs in to our software systems.  This User Account will contain the personal information, preferences, and settings that are specific to that exact named individual.  A User Account may not be shared by more than 1 person and may not be a "generic" account.  User Accounts must be a member of 1 or more Subscription Accounts to be able to login to the system, and their level of permissions granted in the software is determined by the administrative users designated on a Subscription Account.  Each user will be issued a username and password for accessing any and all Subscriptions that they have access to.  This should be kept strictly confidential and never shared with anyone under any circumstance.  Usernames and passwords may not be shared or distributed to other people, ever.  A single individual may not have or utilize more than 1 set of username/password credentials for any reason.  User Accounts are not transferable and cannot be operated by anyone other than the exact named individual.

Subscription Account

A Subscription Account ("Subscription") is purchased to use as a central business organization.  Each Subscription will have 1 or more User Accounts that will populate that subscription.  Each subscription will have 1 user that will be designated as the subscription owner ("Owner", "System Owner").  Each subscription will have 1 or more users that will be designated as the subscription administrators ("Super Users", "Administrators") that will be permitted to make administrative changes to the subscription information.  These administrative changes include subscription setup preferences, assigning user permissions, and determining settings for their Subscription to control how users interact with the data, games, schedules, assignments, etc. within their subscription.   There may also be other User Accounts added to the subscription for scheduling or other interactive purposes ("General Member", "Observer", "Supervisor", "Coach", "Athletic Director", "League Personnel", "Location Personnel").  Subscription Accounts and the owners or administrators designated do not own or otherwise control User Accounts themselves. For operational purposes, Subscription Accounts may use and utilize user accounts to perform scheduling, assigning, and communication operations and may also control the permission level designated to each user account and what they are allowed to access within their subscription.  Personal operations like personal preferences & settings are controlled and operated by the individual user themselves.  There are some changes we allow subscription owners and/or administrators to make on behalf of users, however, we may limit or prevent certain changes from being made on behalf of users that we deem to be sensitive or otherwise necessary to restrict to just the user themselves.  User permissions within a subscription account are determined by administrators, super users, and/or system owners at their discretion.

Receiving Technical Support

The information that you may receive technical support on from the Horizon Dynamic Web Designs, LLC. technical support team will depend on the information you're seeking to obtain.

Subscription Assistance
Assistance with administrative facets of a subscription may only be obtained by user accounts that have the associated permissions to view the desired information.  For example, a General Member may not obtain information for games or schedules that they do not have access to.

User Assistance
Users may only obtain assistance regarding information and assets that they have permission to access.  Assistance with login or changing personal information may only be obtained by the exact named user themselves.  We will not provide a third-party user account with login information, personal information or assistance with such information for another user account that is not their own even if that third-party user account is a subscription owner and/or administrator.  A third-party user account that has subscription owner and/or administrator permission does not have permission to manage another user's personal settings or login information.

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