Why do you ask for SSN, DOB and EIN?

Our Payment Center is designed to move money quickly, safely & at the lowest cost possible.

In order to accomplish this, we verify the identity of everyone who registers for a Payment Center account by asking for things like Social Security Number (SSN) and/or Employer Identification Number (EIN). We wish we didn’t have to ask for this information, but frankly, it’s the law.

By verifying your identity, we comply with federal laws (like the US Patriot Act) and the requirements of organizations like The Treasury Department and the National Credit Union Association.

If we’re concerned about an account, we may take extra steps to further verify the account by asking for additional information, such as a federally-issued photo ID or business documentation that helps us verify your address or EIN. In any situation, we’ll work quickly with you until a resolution is found.

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