How do I contact Horizon?

We have real humans based in Rochester, NY, USA available to assist you with operating our system.  The best method to contact us is utilizing our Live Chat option in the lower right hand corner of the website.  This is the fastest way to reach a real person that can help you with your issue.  You do not need to be logged in to use Live Chat.

Hours of Operation

You can see our Tech Support page for the most up-to-date listing of our hours of operation.

Contact Options

  1. Live Chat
    Fastest way to reach us. Login is not required.  We can interact with you in real time, send you screenshots, receive screenshots or files from you, highlight items on your screen.  It's a super efficient and the best way for us to help you use the system.  Live Chat is available in the bottom right corner of our website.  It is available no matter whether you are logged in or not.  You will need to make sure you have any ad-blocker browser extensions or other content-blocking browser extensions disabled to ensure our Live Chat content is not blocked by your web browser.

    Live Chat on Mobile Apps 

    If you're using our free mobile apps for Android, iPhone or iPad you will need to login in order to access Live Chat.  If you're having trouble logging in and want to Live Chat from you mobile device, you'll need to use the mobile-web version of our system by opening your mobile device's web browser (like Google Chrome or Safari) and navigate to  From there you can access Live Chat without needing to login.  Alternatively, you can use a regular desktop/laptop device and access Live Chat without logging in from our regular website at

  2. Email Support

    This is the best after-hours support method.  After many of our engineers have gone home for the day or for the weekend, we still have a team of agents that operate our email support.  We can send you screenshots and receive screenshots or files from you. It's a very efficient way for us to interact after-hours.

  3. Support Portal
    This method is the same as our Email Support.  It just provides you a convenient online way to submit an email support request without actually sending an email by visiting

Can I call you for support?

Unfortunately, we've discontinued phone support.  Using software is a visual process.  We frequently need to send you screenshots, links to resources, pictures or interact with you electronically while you're using the system to find out what is happening on your device and/or provide you guidance. We simply can't do that over the phone.  If you need real time assistance, Live Chat is the way to go so we can follow along with you and walk you through any operation you're seeking to perform.

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