Dwolla Discontinued? No.

Is Dwolla Discontinued?    No.

A number of our Dwolla Payment Center users received a notification from Dwolla directly that stated that Dwolla was discontinuing their legacy Transfer product. This is true, however, the HorizonWebRef.com Payment Center will continue to operate normally under Dwolla's new "Platform" product. The change in Dwolla's products doesn't really affect you, the end user that much. The change only affects how the HorizonWebRef.com system interfaces with Dwolla on the backend. The new product will have some minor interface changes, but you shouldn't see any major operational changes and your cost will still remain the same.

Please accept our apologies if the Dwolla announcement caused any confusion. You can safely disregard this notice and plan to continue using our Payment Center as you have before. Any changes to how the Payment Center operates will be sent to you directly by our team as it relates to the HorizonWebRef.com product.

When will my account be transferred?

Your existing Dwolla "Transfer" account will be transferred to a Dwolla "Platform" account.  A specific date has not yet been set, but we expect that to occur sometime in late October or early November 2018.  It will be gradually rolled out to organizations during this time period.  You'll receive an email notification when that approaches.

What will change?

Most changes are minor and the new system will operate in a very similar manner.  The actual process to send and receive a payment is nearly identical.  You can see this support article for details on the changes expected.

Will I experience any interruption in services?

You will still be able to send and receive payments via your existing Dwolla accounts throughout this transition period with no interruption.  Dwolla has provided us with a special signup option that will allow officials to continue to signup during this transition period so you should not experience any interruption in services whatsoever.  New officials needing accounts, will still be able to sign up through our integrated Payment Center Setup Account process to obtain an account even after the October 1, 2018 cutoff period mentioned in Dwolla's email notifications.

Why do I keep receiving emails from Dwolla?

Dwolla is required by federal regulations to send out email notifications when they intend to close a financial account.  From a technical standpoint, your existing Dwolla account will indeed be "closed", but you will automatically have a new Dwolla account opened within their new product via the automatic transfer process.  This will be a seamless transition process without any interruption so there's nothing to worry about.  Dwolla is still required to send those email notifications, though, since your current Dwolla account is indeed going to close.

What should I do?

You can continue using the Payment Center normally for now. There is nothing required from you at this time, but we have some recommendations on items you should consider performing at your convenience.:
  • Download your existing Dwolla transactions list for your own historical records
  • Withdraw any money currently in your Dwolla Balance to your bank account.
  • Inform others within your organization about this transfer process to ease panic and concern.

Can you give me some good news?

The new Dwolla platform is more robust and gives HorizonWebRef.com more control to integrate their platform even further.  This will allow us the ability to offer more options and features within the Payment Center.  We will be able to fully control the payment process from start to finish.  Signing up for new accounts will be much easier and more seamless.  The new product will also have access to Dwolla' "Same Day" payment methods which will become a future option for extremely fast payments (at an additional cost).

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