Getting Started with the Payment Center

The Payment Center allows organizations in the United States to quickly and easily send direct deposit payments to their officials via our financial processing network.  To get started, you'll need to first create a business account ("Sender Account") to initiate transactions from then your officials can create a "Receiver Account" to receive funds into their bank accounts.

Creating a Sender Account

This is the main business account for the organization that will initiate transactions.
  1. First, submit a Beneficiary Form
  2. Next, navigate to the Payment Center and choose the Setup Account button for the Business Account.
  3. Submit all the required information and documentation
  4. Verify your identity.  Some organizations must perform extended verification of their identity by uploading documents to
  5. Verify your bank account. 
    Some big banks support instant verifications, but for most, this is usually done via micro-deposits.  We will send 2 small deposits to your bank accounts.  You'll need to check your bank account 2 days later to find out the amount of the deposits and report that amount back to the Payment Center to verify ownership.
  6. Connect your Dwolla account to
    If you completed most of the setup outside of our system, the final step will be to actually connect your new Dwolla account to our systems.  You would return to the Payment Center and again use the Setup Account button to connect your Dwolla account to our systems.

Creating a Receiver Account

This is the account officials will setup to receive funds. This step does not need to be performed before receiving a payment, although, it often makes the payment process easier if officials do this before receiving a payment.
  • If setting up before receiving a payment, officials should navigate to the Payment Center and use the Setup Account button to setup a personal account where they will receive future payments.  Officials just need to enter bank account information for their funds.  Extended verification is not required and this setup process is much faster and easier - usually only lasting about 5 minutes.
  • If setting up after receiving a payment, officials should use the instructions received in the email to complete the setup of their account.  They will then need to connect their Dwolla account to the systems using the Setup Account button in the Payment Center.

Sending Payments

Sending payments can be done by any user with Assignor permissions on the system.  The user will also need to know the Payment Center PIN that you created when setting up the account as a final verification of authority to transfer funds.
  • Manual Payments
    Payments can be sent for any reason.  A manual payment is generally best for payments that are not related to games and assignments.  To send a manual payment, head to the Payment Center, choose the Send Payments tab and then click the Send Payments button.  You may specify the individual(s) and dollar amount(s) to send to complete the payment(s).

  • Game & Assignment Payments
    Sending payments for games and assignments should start with one of our built in payroll reports, most commonly, the Payroll Summary Report.  Generate the desired report for the games and assignments you wish to pay, then choose the "Send as Electronic Payment" option at the top of the report to start a new electronic payment.

Common Questions

  • Do I need to fund my Payment Center account ahead of time before sending payments?
    No.  Generally, the money will stay in your bank account until you're ready to issue a payment.  We will remove the money from your bank account and then transfer it to your officials.  This process takes anywhere from 2 to 7 business days with 4 business days being about average.  You can speed up the process by a day or two if you pre-fund your Payment Center account, but most organizations do not do this and we don't recommend it.

  • Do officials need to create a Payment Center account before they can be paid?
    No. Payments can be issued to officials whether they have a Payment Center account or not. If they do not have a Payment Center account, they will receive an email with instructions on how to "claim" their payment. At that time, they will then need to create a Payment Center account to receive their payment. If they do not claim their payment within 30 days, the payment will be returned to the sender. Senders can specify a longer or shorter reclaim period, if desired.

  • How long does it take for funds to transfer?
    Payments that are going from an organization's bank account to the recipient's bank account usually take around 2 to 4 business days total. It is usually about 1 to 2 business days from the payment to be retrieved from the organization's bank account, then another 1 to 2 business days to deposit into the recipient's bank account. This is all automatic if you follow our payment procedures, so once a payment is submitted you don't need to do anything except wait for it to arrive. The Payment Center transaction cut-off time is 5:00pm ET (America/New_York). Transactions submitted after this time will begin processing on the next business day.  The expected delivery date will be displayed in the Payment Center while you're waiting for the payment to arrive.

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