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How does Auto-Assign work?

All subscriptions have access to use our Auto-Assign functionality, if desired, to quickly populate your game schedule with assignments of available and qualified officials for the games desired. In order to use the Auto-Assign System, you must first turn this feature ON in your System Settings via Feature #1. Once enable, you can use Auto-Assign from the top toolbar of your Master Game Schedule under the Automation menu.

To start, select the checkboxes for the games that you wish to include in this Auto-Assign session:

Then select the Auto-Assign option in the Automation top toolbar menu.

You'll then see the Auto-Assign console that will allow you to choose the options desired for your Auto-Assigning session.  You can choose which officials to pick from, which positions to use for scheduling and any qualifications you want to impose for the auto-assigning session.

Once you select Auto Assign Now, the system will begin filling your selected games with assignments, as best as possible. When completed, the games will still remain Unpublished which gives you the opportunity to edit any of the auto-assignments created, fill-in any gaps that the auto-assign system could not complete or completely undo the auto-assign session using the one-click undo option in the Automation menu.

How Auto-Assign Determines Who to Use

The Auto-Assign System uses sophisticated algorithms to determine who best to use for the games being scheduled. A number of factors are used that are generally the same factors use to populate the regular assigning window you would use the manual assign officials.  The specific nature, order and method we use to determine which official is chosen is proprietary and not something we disclose the details of, but the factors the system uses includes, but is limited to, the following features and systems:
  • Availability Calendar
  • TBA System Responses
  • Number of Games
  • Mileage System
  • Officiating Metrics System
  • Manual Rankings
  • Group Membership Restrictions
  • Age Based Restrictions
  • Game Linking System
  • Decline Tracking
  • Conflict Detection
  • Game Number Limits
  • Venue Limitations
  • Team Block Systems
  • Game Code Block Systems
  • Venue Block Systems
  • League Block Systems
  • Partner Block Systems

Important Notes

  • After auto-assigning, you will still need to Publish the games when you're satisfied with the assignments
  • You can quickly undo an auto-assign session if needed so feel free to experiment with it.
  • Auto-Assign may leave gaps or unfilled areas if it cannot find an available & eligible official to fill the game with. Be sure to check your games for gaps after the auto-assign has completed. You may need to manually fill or seek out officials that can work gaps.
  • It's common to use multiple auto-assign sessions for the same set of games.  You may want to auto-assign your Referees with one pool of officials and then run another auto-assign with a different pool of officials to assign your Assistant Referees. It doesn't need to be done all at once.

Helpful Tips

The Auto-Assign System works great when you input enough information into the system.  The more you input, the more helpful the auto-assign system will be.  Here are some helpful tips that can really improve the use of auto-assign:
  • Turn ON the mileage system (Feature #47), even if you don't pay mileage reimbusements. This lets the system use distance tracking during the auto-assign.
  • Create and use Contact Groups for restrictions and officiating pools.
  • Use the Game Linking System (Feature #2) to link the games first if you want the same set of officials to work a group of games.
  • You can use the Auto-Assign System together with the TBA System to have the system automatically pick from the TBA Responses you've received. TBA Responses are prioritized when auto-assigning.

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