I have been locked out, what do I do?

There is only one option in this scenario:  wait 1 hour.

What Happened?

Our system implements a security lock out procedure anytime your perform 5 failed login attempts on the system with invalid login credentials. If you provide invalid credentials 5 times, you will be temporarily locked out for 1 hour. This is not a permanent block and you will be able to try again, but you must wait the full one hour before you can try again. There is no alternative option. Our technical support team cannot shorten this window or remove this restriction.

Why does this happen?

Well, the answer is simple - to keep your information safe. We do not want any unauthorized users accessing your account or your information. With increasing numbers in identity thefts and malicious web hacking, we are dedicated to keeping your information safe. So this feature allows us to cut off automated login attempts from random robots, hackers, and identity thieves so they cannot try to login to your account all day long until they figure out your login. We understand that if you've reached this, it might be an inconvenience for you, but really, it's for your own protection.

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