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Payment Center Pricing

Transaction Fee

  • $0.95 per payment
The transaction fee for making electronic payments via the Payment Center $0.95 USD per payment issued.  Each recipient is considered a "payment issued".  For example, if you make 1 bulk payment that includes 10 recipients, that would be counted as 10 payments and the fee would be $9.50 USD (10 * $0.95 = $9.50).  The transaction fee is assessed regardless of the outcome of the transaction (successful, cancelled or failed).

One-Time Setup Fees
A setup fee is required for new users wishing to start using the Payment Center.  This is a one-time only fee and not an annual fee.
  • Payment Senders:  $60 USD
  • Payment Receivers:  $11.75 USD

Account Deactivation

Accounts that do not send or receive any payments for a period of 1 year will have their accounts automatically deleted for inactivity.  A new account will need to be opened & the setup fee will be required again if a new account is desired.  To avoid account deletion, a payment account must simply send or receive at least 1 payment per year.

Reversal & Rejection Fees

A reversal fee is applied if a transaction is returned or rejected for any reason. The fee amount varies, based on the reason for the rejection.  In addition to the reversal fee, you will also be responsible for any funds that were part of the returned/rejected transaction and any processing fees necessary to recover the funds or the reversal fee.  In most cases, you won't need to worry about this unless you try to send money when you're not authorized to do so or don't have enough funds to cover the transaction.  If you consistently experience rejections or your Horizon Balance becomes negative due to any reversal, your payment center account and/or your entire Horizon account along with any Horizon subscription may be suspended.  Reversal fees are typically assessed to the Payment Sender's account.  Payment Senders can choose the pass the fee along to Payment Receivers if the reason for the rejection is due to something on the receiver's end.  This would be up to the Payment Sender to decide and handle on their own, most commonly using Payroll Adjustments on the system.
  • Insufficient Funds:  $15 + processing fee + account temporarily disabled
  • Authorization Revoked:  $50 + processing fee + transaction funds + account suspended
  • Payment Stopped:  $50 + processing fee + transaction funds + account suspended
  • Bank Advises Unauthorized:  $50 + processing fee + transaction funds + account suspended
  • Non-Transactional Account:  $5 + processing fee
  • Disputed or Rejected Setup Fee:  $25 + processing fee + account temporarily disabled
  • No account/Unable to locate account: $5 + processing fee + bank account removed
  • Invalid account number: $5 + processing fee + bank account removed
  • Bank Account Closed:  $5 + processing fee + bank account removed
  • Negative Account Balance: $100 + processing fee + account temporarily disabled + future transfers delayed by 1 day
  • Other Rejections: $15 + processing fee

Some reversals may result in your payment center and/or your entire Horizon account being suspended or your bank account being removed.  Below are the most common rejection reasons that may affect your account.
Return CodeDescriptionAccount DeactivatedBank UnverifiedBank Removed
R01Insufficient FundsYesNoNo
R02Bank Account ClosedNoYesYes
R03No Account/Unable to Locate AccountNoYesYes
R04Invalid Bank Account Number StructureNoYesYes
R06Returned per ODFI’s RequestNoNoNo
R07Authorization Revoked by CustomerYesYesYes
R08Payment StoppedYesYesYes
R09Uncollected FundsYesYesYes
R10Customer Advises Not Authorized, Improper, or IneligibleYesYesYes
R16Bank Account FrozenYesNoNo
R20Non-Transaction AccountNoYesYes
R23Credit Entry Refused by ReceiverNoYesYes
R29Corporate Customer Advises Not AuthorizedYesYesYes

Fee Changes

The Horizon Payment Center is powered by a third-party provider, Dwolla Inc.  As this system is provided by a third-party company that we do not control, the pricing and operations to utilize this functionality are subject to change at any time to accommodate any changes that Dwolla Inc. makes to their platform operations and/or pricing.

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