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This forum is where you can submit ideas you may have for future improvements to our software systems. All ideas submitted are received and read thoroughly and repeatedly. We do not provide individual responses or detailed status updates on feature suggestions, but all your ideas are valued and considered. Some ideas take just a few days, some will take years, some may not happen, but they all start by submitting them here. Any ideas you have are welcome!

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  1. Integrate with Goalline.ca

    Our leagues use Goalline.ca. Is it possible to set up an integration with that website?

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    At this time, Goalline.ca does not offer an API service that would allow us to connect to their systems. If they develop such a service, we’ll be happy to revisit this in the future, but without such a service on their end, we’re not able to connect with their systems externally. Thank you for submitting an idea.

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