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This forum is where you can submit ideas you may have for future improvements to our software systems. All ideas submitted are received and read thoroughly and repeatedly. We do not provide individual responses or detailed status updates on feature suggestions, but all your ideas are valued and considered. Some ideas take just a few days, some will take years, some may not happen, but they all start by submitting them here. Any ideas you have are welcome!

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  1. Coach portal for ref assignments

    What I proposed is that you have a public portal where coaches or anyone could see if refs have been assigned to their game.

    This alone would prevent very costly scenarios where game date/time/location does match up with our game scheduling software. It would give our coaches an opportunity to confirm that what our websites show matches with what ref assignor has manually entered or imported into your system.

    Information required would simply be association, level, date/time, arena/pad, game number. That's it. We don't need to know who the refs are, just that our game information is exactly the same…

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  2. Association/Coaches Profiles

    Is it possible to create just a link for coaches/association personal with no login required that just shows their game times/dates/location so they can confirm their game is scheduled to have referees

    This way it can be just 1 generic link for each association

    Or omit the phone # requirement when setting up a profile for these people would be a good alternative

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    We’ve decided not to incorporate this idea. Allowing coaches to view schedules without login is already an option via the Integrate My Website options & the Public Game Schedule. We’re not currently in favor of reducing our system security and phone number requirements at this time. Thank you for submitting an idea.

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